Traditional Dental Insurance vs. Dental Discount Plans

Today, more Americans lack dental coverage than health insurance, meaning many don’t go to the dentist even if they think that they should because they just can’t afford it. It can be difficult to decide how to deal with dental health financially, but below is a brief overview of some of the methods to save money, from traditional insurance to dental discount plans.

Dental health is important and tied to your overall health and wellness, too. Don't let cost cause you to delay or ignore much needed dental treatment! Get your dental health in order!

Traditional Insurance Plans

Most individual dental insurance plans cost over $500, and they come with many drawbacks. Along with the annual costs, the copay will typically be over 20% for fillings and 50% for crowns! Often times, some of the most expensive procedures aren’t even covered, or there’s a long waiting period before they are covered by the plan.

People generally get health insurance to hedge against unexpected and unfortunate situations, but for many, dental insurance is used to cover the cost of routine appointments like cleanings, and does little to offset more expensive dental work.

The Affordable Care Act

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Pediatric Dentistry is considered one of the “essential health benefits.” Because of this, health plans are required to provide dental insurance for children in order to meet the requirements.

Unfortunately, there is no such requirement for adult dental coverage. While some of the insurance marketplaces that were born from the ACA have created new ways to find dental insurance, it's not a requirement. Because of this, the marketplaces have not necessarily lowered the cost or raised the standards of dental insurance for adults.

Dental Discount Plans

Whether monthly or annually, the cost of a dental discount plan is usually significantly lower than that of dental insurance, but it's important to remember that they are not insurance—more like a membership that opens up discounts on specific procedures.

The discounts associated with a dental discount plan can be anywhere from 10-60% for certain services! Given the lower cost and guaranteed savings, dental discount plans can often save more money in the long run. Many of the drawbacks of traditional insurance—such as deductibles, waiting periods, annual maximums, and paperwork—are not issues with these plans.

If you and your family expect to be spending a lot of time and money at the dentist in the future, dental discount plans are a great savings too. A traditional insurance plan is expensive, and with frequent visits you may quickly hit the annual maximum and quit saving. Dental discount plans will allow you to save money on most all procedures, with no cap on total savings, and eliminate the hassles associated with traditional insurance.

Although it can be expensive, there are ways to make dental care more affordable, and for many families, dental discount plans do just that.



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